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Politics Jokes

Politics can be as funny as it is serious. We currently have 80+ humorous stories about politics. A description of each political joke is provided after the link.

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  1. Politics As Usual - A father describes how politics works to his son and the son interprets it in a humorous manner.
  2. Urine Analysis - A humorous story about a nasty slogan written in the snow against President Clinton and who that culprit is.
  3. The President And His Pigs - A funny anecdote about President Clinton's return from a vacation in Arkansas with two pigs under his arms.
  4. The Land Of Oz - An amusing story about three men, Newt Gingrich, Dan Quayle, and Bill Clinton, who get swept off their feet by a tornado and end up in the Land of Oz.
  5. AIDS To Russia - A short story about Russia's request for condoms and President Clinton's amusing response.
  6. Heavenly Tax Problems - A funny anecdote about what happens to an individual in heaven after they have cheated on their taxes here on earth.
  7. The Proposition - The price that a President has to pay to spend one night with a prostitute.
  8. How To Tell Republicans From Democrats - Humorous, but sometimes truthful, differences between Republicans and Democrats.
  9. The Heckler - A funny anecdote about a person who heckles President Clinton and who that heckler is.
  10. A Matter Of Interpretation - An amusing storing about how each of the armed forces respond to the same command differently.
  11. The First Pitch - A funny anecdote about a misunderstanding between the President and an umpire at a baseball game.
  12. The Executive Dinner - An amusing story on how Hilary Clinton orders off the menu during an executive dinner.
  13. Hilary & The Clock - What do those clocks in heaven mean? Hilary Clinton finds out soon enough!
  14. Political One-Liners - Being an election year it is only appropriate that we provide some funny one-liners about politics.
  15. Bill Clinton Dies & Goes To Heaven - Have you every heard that saying "what goes around, comes around". Well this is an amusing take on that saying when Bill Clinton tries to get into heaven after confessing his sins to St. Peter.
  16. Thank You Bill - A tribute to Bill Clinton's eight years in the Whitehouse.
  17. Bill Clinton Meets The Pope - An amusing story about a meeting held between Bill Clinton and the Pope to talk about the real issues that matter.
  18. Picking Up The Bill - When Bill Clinton is in a restaurant ordering food off the menu how he pronounces his order can sometimes be misleading or is it?
  19. How To Be A Good Liberal - An amusing test on what it takes to be a good Democrat. Are you a liberal? Click here to find out.
  20. How NATO Got To War In Kosavo - Have you ever wondered how the war in Kosavo got started. Here is one amusing take on how.
  21. Little Light Visual For the End of the Day! - An amusing comparison between the Clinton Video and the Titantic Video.
  22. There Goes Our Independence - An amusing tale about England taking back America as one of its colonies due to failure of our presidential election process.
  23. Palm Beach Voters - Jokes about Palm Beach Voters that must be true based on how they marked their Ballots.
  24. Nativity Scene in Washington D.C. - Find out why there was no Nativity screne in Washington D.C.'s Christmas this year.
  25. Bush Sues Santa - A funny story about president elect Bush's law suit against Santa Clause that is in line with his Florida law suits during the election process.
  26. Whisky - An amusing tale on how a politician can take either side of a position.
  27. Who Is It Anyway? - An amusing story about how even the President of the United States can misread a simple puzzle.
  28. The Clinton Legacy - Read a read a funny anecdote about the kind of legacy that President Clinton left.
  29. Gas of Presidential Proportions - Read an amusing story about gas being passed during a  meeting between President Bush and England's Queen Elizabeth.
  30. Save My Spot - Read an amusing story about Hilary Clinton waking up her husband in the middle of the night.
  31. The First Woman President - Read an amusing story about the first female Jewish president and her mother during her swear in ceremony.
  32. Dear Abby - Read a funny letter written by a woman to Dear Abby about her husband's lying and cheating antics.
  33. Women Against Terrorism - Read an amusing anecdote about how women can fight the Islamic extremist terrorists.
  34. War on Terrorism - Read a funny tactic on how to counteract terrorism from Afganistan.
  35. Haircut - Read a humorous conversation between George W. Bush and Bill Clinton while getting their hair cut.
  36. Remember All Those Who Were Going To Leave if Bush Became President - Have you every wondered what happen to these people? Here is one amusing suggestion!
  37. Heavenly Politics - Read a humorous story about what happens when Bill, Hillary, and Al Gore go to heaven
  38. Believing Politicians - Read a funny story about a farmer who comes across a bus load of politicians.
  39. Bill Clinton's Secret Box - Read what Bill Clinton really has hidden in a box beneath his bed.
  40. Clinton Indiscretions - Read what Bill Clinton's legacy is all about.
  41. Not Fair - Read how Al Gore and George Bush competed for the Presidency by fishing.
  42. The Cow - Read an amusing story about Hilary Clinton and a farmers cow.
  43. Political Potpourri - Read some funny one-liners about Politicians.
  44. Hu's On First - Read a humorous conversation between President Bush and Condi about Hu, the new leader of China.
  45. Should I Be a Democrat or Republican? - A humorous story about a hitchhiker who only gets a lift if he is a Democrat.
  46. Lets All Be Good Democrats - More humor about Democrats.
  47. Fifty Dollars - Read a humorous story about President Clinton who runs past a prostitute during his daily jogging.
  48. A Governor Schwarzenegger Action Figure - Read funny story about a talking Governor Schwarzenegger doll that has been accused of groping Barbie.
  49. Hilary Clinton - Read an amusing story about Hilary Clinton who visits a school and her reaction to some of the kid's questions.
  50. President Hilary Clinton - A funny story about President Hilary who while living in the White House meets up with some ghosts of past Presidents.
  51. Maternal Concerns - A humorous story about Hilary who screams at Bill for getting her pregnant.
  52. Trip To Mexico - A funny story about a man who tries to get into Mexico with his only form of identification tatoo'd on his butt.
  53. Quote of the Century - A humorous quote from a famous person who decided to vote Republican this year instead of Democrat.
  54. Following the Super Bowl - A funny story about who some politicians called after the latest super bowl.
  55. The History of Liberals and Conservatives - A true, and somewhat humorous, history lesson about the difference between Liberals and Conservatives..
  56. Liberal News Reporting - Read how one U.S. soldier covers his butt and at the same time saves himself, a news anchor, and a reporter from his Iraqi captors.
  57. New Democrat Logo - Read why the Democrats are changing their motto from a Donkey to a Condom.
  58. Running Eagle - A humorous story about an indian tribe who gives John Kerry an indian name while campaigning at their reservation.
  59. Bill Clinton Monument Committee - A funny letter about where to place the statue of Bill Clinton written by members of his monument committee.
  60. Hilary and Arnold - An amusing conversation between Hilary Clinton and Arnold Schwarzenegger during a part they both attended.
  61. Kerry is a Saint - A funny story about a donation given by John Kerry's campaign manager to the local Roman Catholic Church only if the Cardinal uses the phrase "Kerry is a Saint" in one of his sermons.
  62. Shark Fishing - Have you heard the story about President Bush and Vice President Cheney saving Senator Kerry from the jaws of a big shark? Well, here it is!
  63. Terrorist Threats - Sometimes it is better to find humor even in the most serious matters. Click here to read two such short stories about terrorists threats.
  64. Kerry or Bush? - Here is one way to support your candidate for this upcoming presidential election.
  65. Are you a Democrat, Republican or Southern Republican? - Here is how a democrat, republican, and southern republican would react to an immediate threat to their life.
  66. My Kind of Mayor - Here are actual comments from T. Bubba Bechtol, part time City Councilman from Pensacola Florida who was asked on a local live radio talk show what he thought of the allegations of torture of the Iraqi prisoners.
  67. New Act of Congress - Read John Kerry's first Act of Congress if he were to win the election called the Americans With No Abilities Act (AWNAA).
  68. Oil Shortage - Here is one person's opinion on why we currently have an oil shortage in the United States.
  69. Hillary Stamp - Hillary Clinton, who is being honored on a postage stamp, is outraged because the stamp won't stick to the envelop. Click here to find out why!
  70. Live & Learn - A humorous story about Bill & Hilliary Clinton who travel on a train with George W. & Laura Bush on their way to see the SuperBowl.
  71. Hillary's First Night as President in January 2009 - A funny story about Hilliary Clinton who becomes elected president in Nov 2008 and while spending her first nights in the White House in Jan 2009 is visited by the ghosts of three former presidents.
  72. 2005 California State Employee Handbook
    by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger
    - A humorous handbook written by Governor Schwarzenegger on the conduct of state employees in his own words.
  73. Who's On First For The Next Generation - A funny take on Abbott and Costello's "Who's on first" routine but this time it is between President Bush and Condi Rice.
  74. The New Lexus - A funny story about a new Lexus whose radio responds to the drivers voice
  75. The Ant and the Grasshopper - Two humorous takes on the old story about the Ant and the Grasshopper, the old version and the new version.
  76. Hilary - A funny story about how one policeman is helping out a depressed Hillary Clinton.
  77. The Golden Urinal - A funny story about George Bush using the golden urinal in the White House during the time Bill Clinton was president.
  78. Jesus and the Democrat - A funny story about three crippled politicians in the same restaurant who are rewarded by Jesus for buying him a drink.
  79. The Fisherman - A comical story about a woman who spots a fishman from her hot air balloon and asks for directions.
  80. New Name - A funny Muslim name given to Hillary Clinton.
  81. Bill Clinton Jogging - A funny story about Bill Clinton, who on several occasions has jogged past a hooker, has brought his wife along for the run.
  82. How the Roswell Incident Impacted Politics - Here is a humorous comparison between what happened in Roswell in 1947 and some current politicians.
  83. We Are Off to See the Wizard - An amusing story about four presidents, Jimmy Carter, Richard Nixon, George W. Bush, and Bill Clinton, who get swept off their feet by a tornado and end up in the Land of Oz in front of the Wizard.
  84. One Question Test - A comical story about making a choice between saving Hiliary Clinton from drowning in the rising waters off of Miami or taking a picture of it.
  85. Politicians and Reservations - Possible true, and funny, stories about some politicians making reservations.

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