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A Governor Schwarzenegger Action Figure

In a bizarre new scandal that could short-circuit Arnold Schwarzenegger's political career, a talking Governator doll has been accused of groping Barbie.

The allegations were made at a press conference outside Mattel's Malibu Dream House, where a tearful Barbie - accompanied by a Gloria Allred doll - described a 1977 incident in which a Governator action figure allegedly used his kung-fu grip to grab her chest.

A spokesdoll for the Governator, which is manufactured by a Connecticut company, denied Barbie's charges.  However, a seven-week Times investigation has uncovered other alleged victims of Governator groping, including Skipper, Chatty Cathy and Gumby.

"When you press the button that activates the Governator's voice chip, he makes crude remarks," said one female doll, who requested anonymity. "He asked if my breasts were real or plastic."

Governator aides said their boss apologizes if he offended anyone, but they blasted Gumby's claims. "Gumby isn't even anatomically correct," said Governator aide G.I. Joe. "There's nothing to grope."

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