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Sports Jokes

Sports is probably one of the most funniest settings there is. We currently have 39 humorous stories about sports. A description of each sports joke is provided below the link.

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  1. A Golfer In Pain - A humorous story about a woman golfer who accidentally hits a male golfer in the obvious place and how the remedy she administers not always cures the right pain.
  2. About Dennis Rodman's Tattoos - Have you ever seen Dennis Rodman's tattoos and wandered what each meant? This is a humorous take on the meaning behind his tattoos.
  3. A Dedicated Football Fan - A humorous anecdote about a fan who would rather be at the Superbowl rather than where he really should be.
  4. Luck Of The Irish - Sometimes getting your three wishes from a leprechaun may not always be a good thing.
  5. George Takes Up Golf - When a man takes up golf and does not know a thing about it, the outcome can be very funny!
  6. The Golf Lesson - When a woman takes up golf and does not know a thing about it, the outcome can be very funny!
  7. 1996 World Series Humor - Here is a little humorous take on the 1996 World Series.
  8. Beware Of Three Wise Men Bearing Gifts - When four golfing buddies get together for a game and talk about their son's successes you'll be surprised at what you'll find out!
  9. Giving Golf Advice - A humorous story about advice given to a woman golfer by a boy, his father, and his grandfather.
  10. Golf Genie - Do golfer's really believe in Genies? Read here and find out!
  11. The Memorial - An amusing memorial given by a golfer while watching a funeral procession during a golf game.
  12. Florida Golf - A funny take on how the presidential election fiasco in Florida has affected the game of golf.
  13. And That's The Other Thing Coach.. - Click here to read just how steroids can affect a woman athelete.
  14. Always One Hole Behind - Click here to read a funny story about a male golfer who always seems to be one hole behind a woman golfer.
  15. The 15 Rules for Bedroom Golf - Do you want to play bedroom golf with your spouse? Well make sure you follow these rules.
  16. A Tough Golf Game - A humorous story about a long game of golf due to one person dragging their feet.
  17. More Golf Jokes - Read about two more funny jokes about golf.
  18. Baseball Game - Read how you can tell what baseball inning it is when you observe elderly women drinking whiskey.
  19. A Bad Mistake - A funny story about a man who plays golf with his wife only to find out where her golf ball ends up.
  20. Golf Shorts - A couple humorous stories about golf.
  21. A Day At the Track - A funny story about a teacher who takes a group of 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students to the race track and has to help some of the male students at the urinal.
  22. Corporate Sports - Read how your choice of sports change when you rise up the corporate ladder and what that all means.
  23. How Golfer's Score - Even when charged with homicide it is hard for golfers to change their scoring habits.
  24. A Golf Tale - Read a funny story about Tiger Woods meeting up with an Irishman.
  25. Golf Partner - Read a humorous story about a women who joins three men for a golf game.
  26. A Real Football Fan - A funny story about a man who will not give up his seats to the Superball no matter what the occasion.
  27. The Quarterback From Afghanistan - A funny story about an Afghanistan man that is drafted by the Detroit Lions football club to be their star quarterback.
  28. Fair Deal - An amusing story about an all men's golf course that just got infilatrated by women.
  29. Baseball Quiz - Click here to take a quick, and humorous, baseball quiz.
  30. A Day At The Golf Course - A funny story about a man who tells a story about a magic frog who brings him luck.
  31. Golf Lessons - A humorous story about a man who makes the mistake of commenting on a woman's ability to play golf.
  32. Golf Club Sign - An actual sign posted at a golf club in Scottsdale Arizona.
  33. The Iraqi Quarterback - A funny story about an Iraqi soldier with a great arm for throwing granades that got him on the Eagles football team.
  34. Teed Off - A humorous story about a man who wants to make that perfect shot since his wife is watching from the clubhouse.
  35. An Interesting Observation About People and Sports - Is there a relationship between working class and sports? Click here to find out.
  36. Football Fans - A humorous story about a little old lady who makes football fans pay for the privledge of peeing in her bushes one way or the other.
  37. Better Golf - A funny story about a man who is concerned about his golf game after getting an arm transplant from a woman.
  38. Baseball Manners - An amusing story about a baseball coach who instructs one of his young players about baseball manners.
  39. Golfing Left-Handed or Right-Handed - A humorous story about how one woman decides whether to golf righ-handed or left-handed.

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