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Bar Room Jokes

Sometimes when people have a little too much to drink, things can get pretty funny. We currently have 38 humorous stories about things that happen in a bar. A description of each bar room joke is provided after the link.

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  1. Pirate's Hook - A funny story about a pirate who lost his eye because he lost his hand first.
  2. The Illiterate Genie - Be careful of what you wish for! The outcome could be very funny.
  3. Too Much Beer - A humorous anecdote about a man who goes into a bar and orders a coke because he's had some bad but humorous experiences with drinking beer in the past.
  4. The Man Who Thought He Can Fly - I guess when you've had allot to drink, you feel that you can do anything... or can you?
  5. Ouch - A funny anecdote about a man who comes home drunk and thinks he can hide it from his wife.
  6. Good To The Last Drop - The strongest man in a bar may not necessarily be the one with all the muscles, as this funny story reveals.
  7. Allergic To Beer - A funny situation in which a woman stops drinking beer because she thinks she's allergic to it.
  8. Who Pooped? - A funny story about a little guy who tries to strike up a conversation with a bigger guy only to get himself into trouble.
  9. The Natural Look - An amusing storing about a man who is so drunk that he sees into something that what is not even there.
  10. The Bet - A humorous lesson learned. When you bet someone, make sure you are playing with the same cards.
  11. Three Blind Mice - A story about three mice drinking in a bar and the heroic stories they have to tell.
  12. How To Cure Your Drinking Problems - Here are fourteen problems that drinkers can experience. The reason for these problems and their remedies.
  13. Mixing Drugs With Alcohol - A funny story about a man and his lion who go to a bar and consume too much alcohol.
  14. Slow Business - A humorous anecdote about how slow business can get in many professions.
  15. Three Men In A Bar - A funny tale about how a Texan, a New Yorker, and a New Jersian who try to out do each other.
  16. A Guy With A Small Head - A funny story about a man who got just what he wished for.
  17. Cheap Drinks - A funny story about a guy who gets cheap food and drink in the local bar.
  18. Animal Lover - Sometimes what you do for a living can get you out of tight situations.
  19. Magical Mermaid - Sometimes what you wish for can get you into trouble. Here is an amusing tale about a man standed on an island and came across a mermaid who granted him three wishes.
  20. Today's Drink Special - Here's a drink special that will surely make you think twice about drinking it!
  21. Clever Plan - A humorous plan by a man to fool his wife into thinking that he is not drunk.
  22. They Call Me McGregor The What? - A funny story about how a man's legacy is remembered.
  23. Importance of Age - A humorous story about a man who can tell how old a whisky is by tasting it.
  24. Boots Don't Really Make a Cowboy - Click here and see if it is true what women say about men with big feet.
  25. Good To The Last Drop - A humorous bar room contest about who can squeeze the last drop out of a lemon.
  26. The Lone Ranger - A funny story about the Lone Ranger and Tonto in a bar.
  27. The Toilet Brush - An amusing story about three men in a bar who each win a prize and later talk about them.
  28. Drunken Car Theft - A funny story about a drunk who reports to the police that someone stole the steeling wheel on his car.
  29. Robotic Bartender - A humorous story about a robotic bartender who tailors his conversations to the IQ of the individual he is talking with.
  30. Things That Happen When Your Drunk - Not too much left to the imagination on this one!
  31. Whoops! - A funny story about a sexy woman in a bar who wants to complain to the manager.
  32. Big Game Hunter - A humorous story about a big game hunter in a bar who claims to be able to tell any type of animal skin and how it was killed, blind folded.
  33. When to Go Home - A comical story about a man who keeps drinking only after looking at his wife's picture.
  34. Seductive Fingers - A funny story about a woman in a bar who seductively uses her fingers when talking to the person in charge.
  35. Beer - An amusing story about a date drug used by many females called "Beer."
  36. A Bad Day!! - A comical story about a man who is down on his luck and goes to a bar to drink away his problems.
  37. Give Me 6 Double Vodkas - A funny story about a man who goes into a bar and orders 6 double vodkas every time he finds out someone in his family is gay.
  38. Hand Job - An amusing sign in a bar that charges $1.50 for a cheeseburger, $2.50 for a chicken sandwich, and $10 for a hand job.

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