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Religious Jokes

Religion is generally not funny unless you make it that way. We currently have 83 humorous stories about religion. A description of each religious joke is provided after the link.

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  1. False Nun - A funny story about a person who pretends to be a Nun.
  2. The Oldest Sexists Joke - A humorous story about what Adam had to give up to get Eve.
  3. Heaven's Wait - A funny anecdote about a couple who dies, goes to heaven, and finds out that it may be easier to get married in heaven then it would be to get divorced.
  4. Car Trouble - A humorous anecdote about a how each one of us is rewarded or punished when we die and go to heaven.
  5. Seven Dwarfs - A funny story about one of the seven dwarfs who couldn't tell the difference between a nun and a penguin.
  6. What's In A Name - A humorous story about a young priest who gets carried away in a derogatory conversation.
  7. Royal Flush - If you know how to play poker you'll enjoy this funny one!
  8. The Farmer And The Devil - A funny story about a farmer who dies and goes to hell and how the devil can't seem to make him suffer.
  9. When God Created Eve - God teaches Adam on how to treat Eve but doesn't tell him everything.
  10. The Pope At The Wheel - With the Pope in a limousine who's really in the driver's seat?
  11. Heaven's Gate - What does it really take to get into heaven? Here are a few amusing stories about how some made it in.
  12. Bill Gates In Hell - Does death really emulate life? Find out why Bill Gates chose hell over heaven!
  13. In The Beginning - An amusing story about how God created the earth.
  14. Overwhelming Response - A funny story about a preacher who hypnotized his congregation to increase the church's revenues during Sunday's plate collections and how it back-fired on him.
  15. Honk If You Love Jesus - Here is a funny anecdote about a man who thinks everyone loves Jesus despite their gestures and words.
  16. The Brothel - An amusing story about two Irishmen in a bar who observe a Baptist Minister, a Rabbi, and a Priest enter the bar.
  17. The Golden Phones - Have you ever wondered just how much it costs to call God? Well, click here and find out!
  18. Healing - Is there any truth to those faith healers on TV? Well, click here and find out!
  19. Good Deals - A funny story about a lawyer who dies and goes to heaven where he has to prove himself worthy of entering the pearly gates.
  20. Breaking News: God Overrules Supreme Court Verdict! - A funny take on how God felt about the 2000 presidential election and what he plans to do about it.
  21. Nativity Scene In The South - An amusing story about how a Nativity scene in the south would like like based on their interpretation of the Bible.
  22. A Dearly Departed Religious Dog - A funny annecdote about  an Irishman who turns to his church for funeral services for his dog.
  23. Nun To Worry About - An amusing story about two nuns in a car confronted by a persistent vampire.
  24. The Painter - Even crooked painters cannot hide from the wrath of God. Click here to find out how.
  25. Forrest Gump and St. Peter - St. Peter requires that three questions be answered properly before a person can enter heaven. Here are some humorous answers to three such questions asked of Forrest Gump.
  26. But What If It Doesn't Work Out - If you think it is easy getting married in Heaven trying getting a divorce there!
  27. God's Guidance - Read a humorous conversation between God and Adam about God instructing Adam to mate with Eve.
  28. Noah and Today's Ark - Read a funny story about how Noah is having a hard time building an Ark in todays environment.
  29. What Religion Are You? - After being Baptized by a church janitor three young boys ponder what religion they really are.
  30. Children and Church - A series of humorous stories about kids and Church.
  31. 11th Commandment - A humorous story about what happens when Bill, Hillary, and Al Gore go to heaven
  32. Catholics Are Not Everywhere - A funny story about three fans who badger a group of nuns at a football game.
  33. Crossing The River - A humorous story about how God helped three men cross a river.
  34. Why Men Pee Standing Up - A funny story about how God gave man the power to pee standing up.
  35. Dear God - A humorous story about an elderly woman who sends a letter to God.
  36. Now You Are a Catholic - A funny story about a Protestant whose conversion to Catholism does not let it bother his eating habits.
  37. God & St. Francis - Read a lengthy, but funny, conversation between God and St. Francis about how people treat God's earth.
  38. Satan in Church - Read about a man who is not afraid of the devil.
  39. When God Created Woman - A funny tale about when God created woman first and then man.
  40. Moses - A humorous story about when President Bush meets Moses at an airport.
  41. The Misunderstood Patient - A funny story about a patient in a Catholic hospital whose mumbling under an oxygen mask causes the nurse to take the wrong action.
  42. Good Vs. Evil on Diets - Read a funny take on the struggle between God and the Devil when it comes to diets.
  43. Three Priests and the Train Ticket Clerk - Read a funny story about three priests who have to buy train tickets from a busty clerk.
  44. At The Track - A humorous story about a Protestant who bets on horses blessed by a Catholic Priest.
  45. Ancient Escavations - A funny story about the interpretation of ancient writings found on a cave wall by Israeli Archeologists.
  46. Pesky Squirrels - A humorous anecdote about how three religious groups would rid their church of pesky squirrels. 
  47. The Rabbi - A funny story about a young Rabbi who wants to leave his congregation for a larger one. 
  48. A Hole In One - A humorous story about a Priest who plays hooky from his Sunday morning church service to play golf and gets a hole in one. 
  49. Acts 2:38 - A funny story about a woman who sites Bible scripture to a burglar breaking into her home. 
  50. Never Make a Woman Angry - Read a funny story about a man who pisses off his wife even in heaven.
  51. Harley Davidson Motorcycle - Read a funny story about the founder of the Harley-Davidson motorcycle who dies and goes to heaven.
  52. The Old Preacher - A humorous story about why a dying preacher wanted both his IRS agent and lawyer by his side when he died.
  53. Nookie Green - A funny story about a priest who inquires about woman named "Nookie Green".
  54. Catholic Humor - Three funny stories about the Catholics.
  55. The Lost Chapter of Genesis - A humorous conversation between God and Adam about the making of his mate, Eve.
  56. Bad Press - Read how the press can distort the truth even when it comes to religious affairs.
  57. In the Beginning - Read what happened in the beginning when God and Satin were battling each other over the goods and evils of man's and woman's food consumption and diet.
  58. Why God Created Children (And In The Process Grandchildren) - A funny story about how God gave Adam and Eve the capability to have children of their own.
  59. Bravery - An amusing story about a man who earned his way into heaven by his bravery here on earth.
  60. What Causes Arthritis - A comical story about a drunken, raggedy man on a the subway who asks a Priest what causes Arthritis.
  61. Poker Heaven - A funny story about Dolly Pardon and Queen Elizabeth who die on the same day and battle to get into Heaven.
  62. The Engineer - A humorous story about an engineer who dies and God sends him to hell only to battle Satan for his return to Heaven.
  63. Don`t Step On The Ducks - A funny story about three women who die and go to heaven only to break the one Golden Rule.. Don't Step on the Ducks.
  64. Once a Baptist -- Always a Baptist- A humorous story about how all the Catholics in one neighborhood tried to convert the only protestant.
  65. Get Rid of Worms - Read how one elderly woman reacts to a demonstration that her minister performs during one of his Sunday sermons.

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