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1996 World Series Humor

Every time there's a World Series...the mayors of the two cities...have a little wager. Now, if the Braves win, the Mayor of Atlanta gets a cheesecake from Rudolph Giuliani. If the Yankees win, the Mayor of Atlanta gets to see his wife and family again."

"The hero of the game last night was this 19-year old Andruw Jones of the Atlanta Braves. He hit two home runs -- 19 years old! This guy is the youngest player responsible for a home run in Yankee Stadium since that 12-year-old in the bleachers a couple of weeks ago."

"Down there in Atlanta tonight -- game four -- the starting pitcher for the Yankees is Kenny Rogers. And I believe the starting pitcher for the Atlanta Braves is Garth Brooks."

"It was good to see the Yankee bats come to life last night. I'll tell you something -- in the first two games, they had fewer hits than Vanilla Ice."

"During the World Series game tonight, a man from Alabama has the opportunity to win a million dollars. All this guy has to do -- stand on the pitcher's mound, throw a baseball through a target at home plate. And, if he does that, he wins a million dollars. If he misses, he wins $50,000. And, if the ball goes over the backstop and into the crowd, he gets a contract with the Mets."

"In post-season play, the Yankees are 7-and-0 when they're not playing at home. It's amazing! These guys score better on the road than President Clinton."

"So I'm watching the game last night and they're talking about the New York Yankees having one of the strongest benches in baseball. And I'm thinking, well, hell, they'd have to have a strong bench to support Don Zimmer and Cecil Fielder."

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