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Animal Jokes

Sometimes animals can be very funny. We currently have 66 humorous stories about animals. A description of each animal joke is provided after the link.

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  1. A Dog Named "Sex" - The pitfalls and troubles of naming you dog "Sex".
  2. Inspiration For The Unhappy - A funny story about a sparrow who doesn't know his friends from his enemies!
  3. Jesus Is Watching You - A humorous anecdote about a little parrot with a big mouth and a burglar with even a bigger problem.
  4. What Is A Koala Bear? - A funny story about a Koala Bear outsmarting a prostitute.
  5. The Peeping Parrot - A funny anecdote about a parrot who saw more than he could hold on too.
  6. Little Red Riding Hood - A humorous take on the old childhood story about little red riding hood.
  7. Doggy Style - Not all dogs are taken to the vet because they do something bad!
  8. One Mean Bull - A funny story about the new bull on the block.
  9. How To Catch A Gorilla - What does it take to stop a gorilla?
  10. The Seeing Eye Dog - One must really be blind to pull this one off!
  11. Kitty Joke - A funny story about a chain reaction between a fly, a trout, a bear, a hunter, a mouse, and a cat.
  12. The Talented Frog - A women who pays $500 for a frog who gives oral sex.  Did she get taken? Click here to find out!
  13. Ventriloquist Cowboy - An humorous conversation between a cowboy and a rancher's animals and what he finds out about the rancher.
  14. Parrots Just Want To Have Fun - What do you get when you mix two female parrots who want to have fun with two religious male parrots? Well, click here and find out!
  15. The 3 Little Pigs - Italian Style - A funny take on the old fairy tale about the wolf and the three pigs done Italian style.
  16. Why Not A Dog - This short funny story puts a new take on job discrimination.
  17. It's A Living - An amusing story about a female zoo gorilla whose violent behavior can only be satisfied by sex and with no other male gorillas around the solution becomes an obvious one.
  18. Bear Alert - An amusing story about advice given to the public about bear alerts in the Colorado National Forest.
  19. Some Things You Just Can't Explain - Things aren't always what they seem, especially when you try to milk a cow.
  20. Liver and Cheese - Read a funny story about three male dogs trying to win the affection of a female poodle.
  21. Scientific Study - Read a humorous scientific study about worms.
  22. A Bee Attends A Bar Mitzvah - Read about a humorous conversation between two bees.
  23. Four Talented Cats - Read a funny story about four men bragging about what their cats can do.
  24. City Girl - A humorous story about a city girl who marries a farmer and knows nothing about farming.
  25. Replacement Rooster - A funny story about a man who accidently kills a farmer's rooster and wants to replace it.
  26. A Lonely Frog - A funny story about a lonely frog who gets advice from his psychic.
  27. Don't Mess With The Old Farts - An amusing story about a young rooster and old rooster battling it out to see who should dominate the hen house.
  28. The Bear and the Rabbit - A funny story about a bear and rabbit that meet up with a magical frog who grants them both three wishes.
  29. A Good Witch - A humorous anecdote about a witch who turns a yellow frog almost all green.
  30. A Bunch of Bull - A funny story about a farmer who sues the railroad for his missing bull.
  31. Spring Time Story - A funny story about two fully fed robins who bask in the sun.
  32. Always Thought Green Snakes Were OK - A humorous story about how one little green snake can cause so much trouble.
  33. Frogs and Dogs - Two funny stories. One about a frog who gets advice a Psychic Hotline and one about a dog who brings in the paper.
  34. Raffling Your Ass - Read a funny story about a farmer who raffles a dead donkey.
  35. Shipwrecked - Read what happens when a man is shipwrecked with a dog and a sheep.
  36. Cat Laws - Laws about cats that only a cat lover could appreciate.
  37. The Christmas Parrot - An amusing story about a pet parrot who can sing Christmas carols when encouraged to do so.
  38. Jonesie The Great Lion Hunter - An amusing story about a great lion hunter who dresses up like a cow only to be hunted himself.
  39. Never Fails - A funny story about a woman who brings her limp parrot into the vet and won't believe it's dead no matter what the cost.
  40. The Princess - A humorous story about a frog who tries to convince a princess that he was a handsome prince turned into a frog by an evil witch. 
  41. Feed The Monkey - Read a funny story about a monkey in a bar who eats just about anything. 
  42. The Foo Bird - Sometimes its hard to break tribal traditions when death could result. But this is one I would definitely look into breaking. 
  43. A Rooster Name "Kenny" - A funny story about an expensive but prolific rooster who doesn't stop at chickens. 
  44. Watch Out For The Chickens - A funny story about how a farmer keeps speeding cars from running over his chickens.
  45. I'm Fine - If you think "I'm Fine" is the answer to this one, think again!!!
  46. Lawyers and Alligators - A humorous story about two alligators exactly the same age that are different sizes because of their lawyer eating habits.
  47. Grizzley Scientists - A funny story about two European scientists who come to Yellowstone Park to study the Grizzley bears.
  48. Roosters - Read a funny story about who is really smarter a young or old rooster.
  49. Ventriloquist Cowboy - Read an amusing story about a ventriliquist cowboy who meets up with an indian, his dog, and a sheep and decides to have some fun with it.
  50. Bronze Rat - A funny take on the pied piper that got rid of all the rats in a city.
  51. King Of The Forrest - A humorous story about an argument between a Hawk, a Lion, and a Skunk about who is the most important animal in the forrest.
  52. How To Clean Your Toilet - A Dogs Way - A funny story on how to clean your toilet as may be told by a dog.
  53. Rude Parrot - A humorous story about a rude, obnoxious, and profane parrot that sees the errors of his ways.
  54. Telephone Problem - A story about how a dog could predict when the telephone would ring.
  55. The Parrot - A funny story about a parrot who has no feet but still can hang onto to the wooden bar.
  56. Top 10 Dog Peeves About Humans - An amusing story about the problems that dogs have with humans.
  57. Monkey See, Monkey Do - A funny story about a Gorilla who mimicks everything a man does, well almost everything.
  58. Monkey on the Side of the Road - A humorous story about a man who picks up a monkey from the side of the road and tells the policeman who saw him, that he is taking it to the zoo.
  59. The Frog and The Loan - A funny story about a frog who goes into a bank to get a $30,000 loan with only a tiny pink porcelain elephant as collateral.
  60. Good Dog - A humorous story about a customs dog who sniffs out illegal belongings among the passengers on an airplane while in flight.
  61. Advice For The Ladies - A comical story about why women should by a dog.
  62. Donald Duck - A funny story about Donald Duck asking the hotel clerk for a condom so he could have sex with Daisy.
  63. Buy a Dog - Humorous reasons as to why to buy a dog.
  64. Old Blue - A comical story about a man who gives his son money to have their dog taught how to speak and read.
  65. USMC Dog - A funny story about a talking dog who claims to have been in the U.S. Marines.
  66. Nutrition - A humorous story about an alligator who is lacking nutrition because he keeps eating politicians.

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