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Doctor Jokes

Have you ever had a funny thing happen to you at the doctors? Well maybe you can related to these. We currently have 61 humorous stories about doctors. A description of each doctor joke is provided after the link.

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  1. A Pain In The Ass - Have you every going to the doctors for a rectum analysis? Well you might agree it is very uncomfortable, especially when you don't know what is all involved!
  2. Scarlet Letter - This is a funny outtake on the old story about the woman being branded with a letter as the result of committing adultery.
  3. The Doctor And The Prostitute - A humorous anecdote about a prostitute who guesses the occupation and specialty of her client.
  4. Suppositories, What Good Are They? - A funny story about the wrong way to take a prescribed medication.
  5. HMO - Medical insurance, as you get older, can control you everyday activities.  But this funny anecdote takes it a little too far.
  6. Country Music - Who says everyone can't sing Country Western?
  7. Does Anyone Know What Castration Is? - A funny short story about an elderly man who doesn't know the meaning of the word "castration".
  8. Keep One Eye Open - Preparing for an intimate night with your wife can prove to be quite fulfilling. Getting advice from your doctor in preparation of this night can be quite embarrassing.
  9. A Fart That Doesn't Smell Or Can't Be Heard - A funny story about an elderly women who goes to the doctors because she can't smell or hear her own farts.
  10. A Sure Fire Cure For Terminal Illness - A humorous story about how a man should spend the last six months of his life.
  11. Magic Thing - When you bet on artificial means to stimulate your sex life the outcome can be quite disappointing.
  12. Zachary Disease - A funny anecdote about a woman who sees a Chinese doctor to cure her sex problems.
  13. Four Surgeons - Which professionals are the easiest to operate on? Click here and find out!
  14. Health Plans Do Make The Difference - When it comes to sexual therapy do health plans really make a difference? Click here and see!
  15. Shooting Blanks - A funny story about a 90-year old man fathering a baby.
  16. Nursing Home - A humorous anecdote of what a nursing home may not let its residents do.
  17. Vasectomy - How does a man from Alabama get a vasectomy? Click here and find out!
  18. The Mixed Up Doctor - It's time to quit being a doctor when you can't tell a pencil from a thermometer!
  19. The Old Man At The Nursing Home - When you are an old man is your memory the first thing to go?
  20. The Autopsy Professor - Want to become a doctor? Click here to learn the hard way!
  21. What's In A Name? - An amusing story about two doctors who move to a small town and have problems just finding a name for their practice.
  22. Minor Operation - Are those men in the white coats at the hospital really doctors? Well click here to find out!
  23. The Cure For Mongolian VD - Is there a cure for Mongolian VD? Well click here to find out!
  24. The Frog And The Endowed - An amusing tale about a man who gets a remedy from his doctor on reducing the size of his penis.
  25. Gypsy Love - A funny story about a woman who goes to the doctors to complain about unusual markings on her body.
  26. More Than Just Stomach Problems - Sometimes the cure can be more painful than the symptoms.
  27. Funeral Fitting For a Doctor - A humorous story about a doctor whose funeral services emulates his medical specialty.
  28. Sex From Behind - Can one become pregnant from unprotected anal sex? Click here to find out!
  29. Hung Out To Dry - If a crazy person saves another one's life he is really sane? Click here to find out!
  30. Old Age???? - Does age really matter? Click here and find out!
  31. Doctors Have Stories Too - A number of humorous stories about doctors.
  32. Obsessions - A funny story about a psychiatrist who holds a session with 4 women on obsessions.
  33. Discretions - Read how an 86 year old man handled disclosing his ailment to the receptions in a room full of patients.
  34. Spaghetti Trouble - A humorous story about a doctor who impregnates his nurse and sends her to Italy to have the baby.
  35. The Examination - For those of you who have ever conversed with a snooty doctor's receptionist, this one's for you!
  36. Doctor's Opinion - A funny story about what kind of person doctor's like to operate on.
  37. No Laughing Matter - Read a funny story about a doctor who laughs at a man's medical problem
  38. Doctor Notes - Don't know whether or not these are true notes from doctors but they are amusing never-the-less.
  39. Thought For The Day - See what happens when you spend more money on breast implants and Viagra than on Alzheimer's research.
  40. Diagnostic Comptuer - Read a funny story about a computer that can diagnose your ailments better than any doctor can.
  41. Never Tick Off a Nurse - A humorous story about a business executive patient whose constant bossing of his nurses results in him getting it in the end.
  42. Plink Plink Plink - A funny story about a woman who goes to the Gynecologists because she is having women problems.
  43. Learn To Pay Attention - When you are a first year med student it is important that you pay attention. Click here to find out why!
  44. The Health Checkup - An amusing story about an elderly woman who concerned about her health asked the doctor for his advice.
  45. Doctor, Doctor - Amusing stories about doctors and well as actual comments from doctor's patients made while performing colonoscopies.
  46. Experienced Doctor - A funny story about a man who goes to the doctor because of talking joints.
  47. The Operation - An amusing story about a woman who has a concern that the operation she is about to have will affect her sex life.
  48. Where Do Redheaded Babies Come From? - A funny story about how one couple could have given birth to a redhead when there have been no redheads in the family.
  49. What the Doctor Says and What He Really Means - Has what your doctor told you a little bit on the confusing side, well click here to find out exactly what he really means.
  50. Surgeons - An amusing story about three surgeons who have lunch together and try to out due each other with the surgeries they performed.
  51. Jim & Edna - Read a story about two mental patients in which one is trying to get discharged.
  52. The Knob - An amusing story about a new cosmetic procedure that will turn women younger by the twist of a knob.
  53. Blue Cross Vs. an HMO - A funny story about the differences in a vasectomy procedure between Blue Cross and an HMO.
  54. I Can't Talk - A humorous story about a man who goes to a doctor because he can't talk.
  55. Mixed Up Test Results - A funny story about a doctor who mixes up a man's wife's test results and then offers a solution.
  56. Nuts - A humorous story about a doctor who takes his trained mental patients to a baseball game.
  57. Organs - A comical story about a protitute about to get a heart transplant and her friend concerned that her body would reject it.
  58. Great Logic - A funny story about a Doctor who tries to explain a medical impossibility to an 80-year old patient by using one of his hunting stories.
  59. Long Life - An amusing story about an 80-yr old man whose 100-yr old father and 118-yr grandfather are still alive.
  60. Syndrome - A comical story about two med students who attempt to guess the ailment of an elderly man.
  61. Medical Convention Romance - A funny story about two doctors who strike up a short romance at a medical convention.

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