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Blonde Jokes

You've probably heard many blonde jokes. Well, here are 63 more of them. A description of each blonde joke is provided after the link.

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  1. Are Blondes Really Stupid? - A funny story about a blonde who is fed up with all the blonde jokes going around and decides to put her stupidity to the test.
  2. The Wrong Way Blonde - A funny take on how to get a blonde to change her seat on an airplane.
  3. Blondes and Sheep - A good guess leads to a bad choice.
  4. Blonde Carpenters - A funny story about the blonde leading the blonde.
  5. The Blonde and The Alligator - A humorous anecdote about a blonde who challengers an alligator for $100.
  6. The Blonde Petition - A humorous take on how some blondes try to redeem their "blonde" reputation only to enhance it.
  7. A Blonde Phones Home - A funny story about a blonde who will do anything to call her mom.
  8. Blondes and Ironing - An amusing anecdote about how a blonde incorrectly answers the phone.
  9. Videos and Blondes Don't Mix - An humorous joke about a blonde renting the wrong video.
  10. The Blonde Jogger - A funny story about a blonde jogger who meets up with a male jogger with extraordinary extremities.
  11. Quickie Blonde Jokes - Here are some funny on-liner blonde jokes.
  12. Silly Circle - When a trucker confronts a maniac driving blonde, the outcome can be quite amusing.
  13. Paint The House - An amusing tale about a blonde who is so sick of people calling blondes dumb that she shows everyone how smart she is by painting the hours.
  14. Thermometer - This blonde joke will surely raise your temperature!
  15. The Bus Trip - When a blonde is traveling on a bus does she really know where she's going? Click here to find out!
  16. The Blonde's First Cell Phone - An amusing story about a blonde who uses a cell phone for the very first time!
  17. Two Blondes in a Movie Theater - A funny story about two blondes in a movie theater and the guy sitting next to them.
  18. Who Would You Have a Conversation With? - People say the funny things during a job interview. This interview between a company executive and a blonde is no different!!
  19. A Blonde Date - A funny story about a man making out with his blonde date in the front seat of his car.
  20. Tell The Difference - An amusing story about a blonde who has trouble telling the difference between the two horses she had just bought.
  21. A Bonde GUY Joke - Finally women! A blonge joke about guys!!
  22. Two Blonde Men - An amusing tale about two male hunters who are out in the woods when nature calls.
  23. Blonde Puzzle - A funny story about a blonde who has trouble putting together a puzzle.
  24. Short Stories - Here is a selection of more amusing short stories about blondes.
  25. Ridin' In a Pickup Truck - Read about a redhead, brunette, and two blondes who accidently drive off the cliff into a lake.
  26. The Blonde and the Rabbit - Read how a blonde soothes the woos of a driver who just killed a rabbit.
  27. Committing Suicide - Read how a blonde injuries her hand while attempting to commit suicide.
  28. Tennis Ball - Read the humorous response a blonde gives to a jogger about his newly found tennis ball.
  29. She is So Blonde - Read humorous one liners about blondes.
  30. Not All Blondes Are Dumb - When you get two male crap dealers confronted by a nude female craps player, the men don't stand a chance.
  31. Another Bull Story - A funny story about two sisters, a blonde and a brunette who inherit a ranch.
  32. More Blonde Jokes - A collection of six short blonde jokes.
  33. Computer Virus - A funny spoof about a computer virus named "Bedtimes".
  34. Replacement Windows - An amusing story about a blonde who had double-insulated energy efficient windows put in her house and then didn't pay for them.
  35. Blonde Measurement - How would you think a blonde would measure the height of a flag pole? Click here and find out!
  36. The All Ladies Bar - Read a humorous story about a blind man in a bar full of blondes who wants to tell a blonde joke. 
  37. Time Off - A funny story about two government workers (a man and a blonde) who try to get some time off from work.
  38. It's Blonde Day Again! - Another humorous story about blondes but this time about a blonde driver and a blonde cop.
  39. The Nightly Blonde News - A funny story about a bet between a blonde and a redhead about an episode on the nightly news.
  40. Rectum Deodorant - A funny story about a blonde who goes into a store to buy rectum deodorant.
  41. The Redhead - A funny story about a doctor who can tell his patient is not a redhead but rather a blonde without examining her.
  42. T.G.I.F. - A humorous story about a blonde who greets a man in an elevator by the acronym T.G.I.F.
  43. More Blonde Jokes - Here is a collection of five more amusing short stories about blondes.
  44. Tickle Me Elmo Toys - A funny story about a blonde working in a toy manufacturing plant making Tickle Me Elmo toys.
  45. She Was So Blonde... - A number of one-liners about blondes.
  46. The Blonde and the Motorhome - A funny story about how a blonde thought she had won a new motorhome.
  47. Blondes and the Christmas Tree - A humorous story about two blondes looking in the woods for a Christmas tree.
  48. She Was So Blonde.... - A whole bunch of blonde one-liners.
  49. The Blonde Handywoman - A funny story about a blonde who paints one man's porch for only $50...Beware of what you pay for!
  50. The Blonde Motorist - A humorous story about a man, whose car broke down on the road, who asked a blonde to complete his journey by taking the two chimps he was hauling to the zoo.
  51. Here's One For The Blondes - A funny story about how one blonde won at the craps table.
  52. Alligator Shoes - A comical story about a blond who wants to get her own alligator shoes by killing the alligator herself.
  53. A Blonde and Her Psychiatrist - An amusing story about a blonde who puts a mail box in her car so her clients can get in touch with her.
  54. Blonde's Geometry Test - A funny story about how a blonde who got full credit for an answer on her Geometry test.
  55. A Smart Blonde - A humorous story about a blonde millionaire who borrows $5,000 from a bank and uses her Rolls Royce as collateral.
  56. A Blonde's Cookbook - A funny story about a blonde who keeps a diary about her daily cooking ventures.
  57. How To Get a Day Off From Work - A comical story about how a man, and his blonde co-worker, got a day off from work.
  58. The Very First Blonde GUY Joke - A funny story about three construction workers, an Irishman, a Mexican and a Blonde Guy, who are fed up with eating the same lunch every day.
  59. The Blonde Who Lost The Bet - An amusing story about a blonde who makes a bet with a man in a bar about a jumper.
  60. The Blind Man - A funny story about a blind man who wants to tell a blonde joke in a bar only to find that there are 5 tough blondes in there.
  61. Gold Digger - A humorous story about a 70-year old man who walks into his country club with a striking, sexy 25-year blonde.
  62. A Blonde's Year in Review - An amusing story about a blonde's typical year by month.
  63. The Tiger Puzzle -  A funny story about a blonde who gets frustrated when putting a puzzle together about a tiger.

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