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Here we have some of the most funniest photos you'll ever laid your eyes on....about 184 to be exact!

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  1. Japanese Invention 1 - Tired of standing on the bus on your way home from work? Well, this little invention should take a load off you feet!
  2. Japanese Invention 2 - Raining outside and your umbrella is not keeping you dry? Fear not...this invention is sure to keep you dry!
  3. Japanese Invention 3 - Have you ever tried to put drops in your eyes only to miss them completely? This invention will make sure that you get it right every time!
  4. Japanese Invention 4 - Need some help in feeding your baby? With this invention even a man could do the job!
  5. Japanese Invention 5 - Don't you just hate eating noodles when they are too hot? Try cooling them off with this invention!
  6. Japanese Invention 6 - Falling asleep on your feet? This invention could save your life!
  7. Japanese Invention 7 - Have you ever buttered your bread only to have it fall apart? Maybe you need one of these inventions!
  8. Japanese Invention 8 - Got a bad cold and can't find a tissue! Well, fear not you won't need one with this invention!
  9. Not My Job - For those of you who think city employees are lazy, we give you this funny photo!
  10. The Elian Gonzales Kidnapping - Here's a funny photo showing who is really responsible for Elian Gonzales being kidnapped from his uncle's house!
  11. A Bad Case Of Cranial Rectumitis - Here's a funny photo showing where some people have their heads most of the time!
  12. A New Way To Advertise - Here's a funny photo showing how the Russians are being innovative in their advertising!
  13. Water in Carburator - Who says women can't diagnose car problems? Here's one who diagnosed hers quite accurately!
  14. Two New National Monuments - See the latest two National Monuments dedicated by President Clinton.
  15. Holloween Moon - A special Halloween treat. See what kind of moon shines on Halloween.
  16. The Pumpkin Who Drank Too Much - Another special Halloween treat. See what happens when a pumpkin drinks too much.
  17. New Style Helmets - See the new type of helmet made especially for riders with long hair.
  18. Parade Rest in London England - This puts a new meaning to the military word "Parade Rest".
  19. Democratic Party Seal - Based on the latest controversy surrounding the Florida presidential electoral vote announcement a new Official Seal for the United States Democratic Party has been developed.
  20. Unbearable - See the latest movie "Unbearable" from the legal team who brought you "The Sixth Recount".
  21. Got Chads? - See a funny photo on how the commercials about "Got Milk?" got applied to the Florida presidential election recount.
  22. Cheaties - See the latest cereal called Cheaties: The Breakfast of Champions.
  23. Billboards - See how billboards really do immitate life.
  24. Rewards of Racing - When all inducements fail to motivate a race car driver to finish first maybe it is time to take drastic measures.
  25. Bullfight or Acrobatics - Here is an interesting photo that shows what happens when you introduce acrobatics into a bullfight.
  26. Emergency Road Sign - Here is a road you don't want to break down on.
  27. Can Trucks Really Do Wheely's - Find out what happens when you bite off more than you can chew.
  28. Does This Car Really Need A Wheel Lock? - Click here to see a funny photo about a stranded car with a wheel lock.
  29. For Cat Lovers Everywhere - Click here to see a funny photo about a cat and a fly.
  30. US Apology - As an American and patriot I am simply appalled that China tried to force an apology out of us for the mid-air collision that they instigated. As such, I have put up a cartoon of our apology.
  31. Windows Billboard Advertisement - Click here for a billboard advertisement about a different kind of window.
  32. Busted - Here is a humorous photo of a cat and dog caught in a compromising position.
  33. Martian Nightlife - NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory has reported that their Mars Global Surveyor had found evidence of life (nightlife) on Mars.
  34. When School Projects Go Bad - When a group of elementary students take on a school project to create a planter, sometimes the outcome can be quite hilarious.
  35. Small Ass - Click here to find out what could happen if your ass is too small.
  36. Some Days - Some days we just get stuck and bogged down. Some days all you can do is smile and wait for someone to kindly remove your butt from the hole you find it wedged into.
  37. Plane Shade - When you are the only shade around for miles you will surprised of what you attract.
  38. Dear Abby - An amusing photo depicting why a couple, comprised of an older man and a much younger women, get the public stares.
  39. Osama Bin Laden - Here are some amusing photos of Osama Bin Laden. Click here to see what is really beneath that turban of his.
  40. More of Osama Bin Laden - Here are three more funny photos of Osama Bin Laden and his terrorists.
  41. Anti-Jahid Rocket - See the latest AJR weapon being fired from a F-18 jet over Kabul, Afganistan.
  42. First Taliban Missile - See the first missile that the Taliban every developed.
  43. Osama Bin Laden Flees - With all the bombing of Afganistan, Osama Bin Laden escapes with his wife on a motorcycle.
  44. The New McLaden Sandwich - See the latest sandwich at McDonalds.
  45. Liberty Justice - New York gets its justice after the Sept 11 attack on the WTC.
  46. Priceless - When terriorism can get the best of terriorists, the outcome can be priceless.
  47. Sometimes - A funny photo about a monkey who ponders about life.
  48. Only The Dog Knows For Sure - A humorous photo about a child caught sucking his finger.
  49. No Wonder - A funny photo about why Taliban men treat women the way they do.
  50. Septic Cleaners Code of Honor - Amusing and actual writings on the side of a septic truck.
  51. Bin Laden In LA - We have proof that Osama Bin Laden has been hanging around celebritys is Los Angeles.
  52. No Escape From New York - A spoof on the movie "Escape From New York" with Bin Laden as the main character.
  53. Home Alone 2 - A spoof on the movie "Home Alone 2" with Bin Laden and the Taliban leader as the main characters.
  54. The Dog Did It - A humorous photo showing a group of youngsters and their accomplice being arrested by police.
  55. Women Only Parking Lot - Click here to see the world's first "Women's Only" parking lot.
  56. Auto Test - Click here to take a concentration test about an automobile.
  57. Proof Marriage Exists in the Animal Kingdom - If you think marriage doesn't exist in the animal kingdom. Well, here's a picture that will surely make you think again!
  58. Gender Shopping - See our latest fun photo about the difference between how men and women shop.
  59. Grandma - Click here to see what happens when you put your grandmother in a home and then don't visit her for a long while.
  60. Engineer's View - See how an engineer views men and women.
  61. If Dad Were Left To Raise the Kids - See funny photos about children if they were left to be raised by their Dad.
  62. Rhodes Scholar - See if you can pick out which of these worthies is really a Rhodes Scholar.
  63. If You Need An Air Conditioner Call This Guy - See our latest funny photo about an air conditioning company whose name will surely make you perk up and take notice.
  64. The New Addams Family - If you have ever wondered what the new Addams Family would like like, well here it is!
  65. Women Waiting for The Perfect Man - An amusing photo of five woman sitting around a table waiting for that one perfect man.
  66. World Map - Click here to find out where in the world the Middle East is.
  67. A Letter From the Electric Company - Click here to see just how the electrical company feels about its customers.
  68. Do Angels Exist - Click here to see a photo that just may restore your belief in Angels.
  69. Signs, Signs, Everywhere a Sign - Click here to see a series of funny signs.
  70. Politics - Left & Right Wing - We don't want to be accused of being one-sided when it comes to politics. So we put up two humorous photos, one pertains to the Democrats and the other towards the Republicans.
  71. Give the Inspectors a Chance - An amusing photo of the Iraq Foreign Minister asking the U.N. inspectors for another chance.
  72. Proud Sponsors - Want to know who are the proud sponsors of the 2003 war with Iraq? Click here to find out!
  73. Map of Iraq - If Iraq wanted to fight a war with weapons of mass destruction this is what their country would look like afterwards.
  74. President's New Policy on Iraq - During his speech, President Bush told the American people what his plans towards Iraq really are.
  75. New Statue of Liberty - The French have redesigned the Statue of Liberty to commemorate their past wars. 
  76. New Verizon Ad - If Verizon were to use the war to promote their cell phones this is what what advertisement would look like. 
  77. A Message to the French - If the Statue of Liberty could make a gesture to the ones who made her, this is what she may do. 
  78. Terrorist Catch and Release Program - A funny photo of the Navy's new catch and release program for terrorists. 
  79. New Iraqi Navy - Well, shoot, WATCH OUT!!!! The Iraqi Navy is on it's way! 
  80. Scary Stuff - Helicopter Inspections - Click here to see cracks found all over a helicopter during a routine inspection.
  81. Saddam's New Palace - Click here to see the new desert palace that Saddam Hussein is forced to live in. 
  82. Anti-War Protesters - Click here to see a funny picture of a group of protesters. You gotta love the guy on the right! 
  83. Weekend In Bagdad - Click here to see a spoof on the movie "A weekend at Bernies" starring President Bush, Prime Minister Blair, and Saddam Hussein.
  84. Anti-War Protest Signs - Asking a retired US Army Sergeant to translate your anti-American slogans - PRICELESS.
  85. Caffeinated Cat - Click here to see what a cat looks like after too much caffeine.
  86. Paying For The War In Iraq - Have you ever wandered how we are going to pay for the war in Iraq. Well, click here and find out!
  87. One Sign Stands Out - Among all the woman protesting against the male dominated sport of golf, one man has the courage to put up his own sign.
  88. French Bullfighting - I bet you didn't even know France had bullfighting. It is a little more cocky than what you are use to in Spain but it gets the point across.
  89. Fast Food - If you think that fast food is not torturous on your body click here.
  90. More Funny Signs - Six more humorous signs that would surely catch your eye.
  91. If They Had Children - If some of the famous people you know got together and had children, perhaps this is what they would look like.
  92. How Babies Are Delivered - If you ever wandered how babies are delivered, here is one idea.
  93. The Jumper - The results of a jumper. This is not for the faint hearted but you can't help take a look.
  94. New Weapon - Because of military cutbacks, the U.S. Government is forced to develop cheaper weapons, click here to see one of these new weapons.
  95. Animal Spy - A spy has infiltrated a group of cats. Click here to see who!
  96. New Iraqi Currency - The U.S. has changed the look of Iraqi currency that clearly defines the war.
  97. A Dog Named Monica - See why Hillary and Bill want to name their dog Monica.
  98. The New California Drivers License - Because of the new law enacted by Gov Gray Davis to allow illegal immigrants to obtain a drivers license in California, a new license has been developed.
  99. Motorcycle Crash - This puts a new meaning to the phrase "when a motorcyclist hits the dirt!"
  100. Process Control - See how Amsterdam solved their urinal overspill problem.
  101. Cheap Camera - Here someone is trying to sell their camera real cheap and has included the last photo taken to show its picture quality.
  102. Child Control - Here is one way to control a misbehaving youngster.
  103. Animal Trick or Treaters - Some funny photos about animals being dressed up for Halloween.
  104. Priceless - A priceless photo about the recent world series playoffs with the Chicago Cubs.
  105. Southern Baptism - A funny photo showing how babies are baptized in Georgia.
  106. How Women Really See Men - A humorous photo of what men look like through the eyes of many women.
  107. California Governor's Race - A funny photo depicted a different outcome from the recent election in California for Governor.
  108. New State Seal of California - With the election of Arnold Schwarzenegger as Governor, California has a new state seal.
  109. Microsoft Office 2003 Is Here - See some of the latest (humorous) features on the 2003 computers.
  110. Life On Mars- This picture taken by the recent Mars Lander, puts to bed the notion that there is no life on Mars.
  111. The Honest Sheriff's Car - This picture was taken about the writing on the side of a Kern County Sheriff's car that has some truth to it.
  112. Uncanny Isn't It? - Here is a picture of two people you know who have an uncanny resemblence to each.
  113. The Dumbest Guy On Earth - This picture is real - not doctored in anyway - and was taken by a Transportation Supervisor for a company that delivers building materials for 84 Lumber
  114. Do You Really Know Your Theology - An amusing photo of the third person in Biblical history to walk on water.
  115. Deer Hunt - A funny photo about how the tables can get turned even in the sport of hunting.
  116. Rich Man - If you have ever wandered how to spot a rich man, here is one way.
  117. Tootsie or Teresa Heinz Kerry? - Are these pictures of Tootsie or Teresa Heinz Kerry? Well, let you decide!
  118. Help is on the Way - A funny picture showing the next dynamic dual.
  119. John Kerry Political Photo #1- The first of many politically funny photos about John Kerry and his running mates.
  120. John Kerry Political Photo #2- The second of many politically funny photos about John Kerry and his running mates.
  121. John Kerry Political Photo #3- The third of many politically funny photos about John Kerry and his running mates.
  122. John Kerry Political Photo #4- The fourth of many politically funny photos about John Kerry and his running mates.
  123. John Kerry Political Photo #5- The fifth of many politically funny photos about John Kerry and his running mates.
  124. John Kerry Political Photo #6- The sixth of many politically funny photos about John Kerry and his running mates.
  125. George Bush Vs. John Kerry- See some photos that will help you choose our next president.
  126. John Kerry Political Photo #7- The seventh of many politically funny photos about John Kerry and his running mates.
  127. John Kerry Political Photo #8- The eigth (and last) of many politically funny photos about John Kerry and his running mates.
  128. Navy Seals Sunbathing Nude on USS Nevada - An amusing photo showing Navy Seals sunbathing on the USS submarine, USS Nevada, while docked.
  129. Quality Time - Are you tired of hearing this?: "We never do anything together." Spend some quality time with your loved one.
  130. Too Much Free Time - An amusing photo about what happens to a cat when its owner has too much time on their hands.
  131. Universal Choking Sign - A funny photo showing a change in the universal symbol for choking.
  132. New GOP Seal - After the astounding victory of the Republicans in the latest Presidential election it is only fair that they have a new Seal that represents the GOP party.
  133. Reward - See what John Kerry got after spending millions on his presidential campaign.
  134. Happy Thanksgiving - Click here to see what goes on during Thanksgiving when you try to catch a live Turkey for dinner.
  135. Red States / Blue States - Have you ever wondered what type of people may live in the Red (Republican) States and Blue (Democrat) States.
  136. Home PC Back in 1954 - Back in 1954 the scientists were predicting that the home personal computer would like something like this in 2004.
  137. If Women Controlled The World - See what some things would look like if women controlled the world.
  138. The Biggest Ass in the NFL - See how the biggest ass in the NFL has sparked a new Charmin tissue ad.
  139. Big Fish - Here is a picture of the big one that didn't get away.
  140. Bill Clinton's Portrait - Click here to see the latest portrait of Bill Clinton that shows his real legacy.
  141. Parent's Worst Nightmare - Click here to see a picture of what a parent's worst nightmare may look like when it comes to their daughter's wedding.
  142. Camilla - Have you ever wandered what Prince Charles sees in Camilla? Maybe it's because she reminds him of someone close to him. Click here to find out.
  143. The Utility Pole - This story and picture are good reasons why not to argue with the utility company about where to place their utility poles.
  144. What Happens When Social Security is Gone? - See what happens when there is no more Social Security left to pay the elderly.
  145. Why Men Should Not Babysit - See what happens when you let men babysit their kids.
  146. The Very Last Word on the Matter - See what Johnny Cochran's last words are.
  147. Only In... - Seven photos that could only have been taken in the country where they were shot.
  148. Texas Limo - See what a Texas limo that seats only three people looks like.
  149. Great White Hunter - A funny picture of how one deer gets one up on the hunter.
  150. The Power of Makeup - See what celebrities look like with and without their makeup.
  151. FREE BBQ Grill - See what a free BBQ grill from east Texas and East Arkansas looks like.
  152. Classic Retro T-Shirst - Many humourous t-shirts.
  153. Which of the Two Birds Is Female - Can you spot the female bird? You don't have to be a bird expert to tell.
  154. Beer - If you have ever wondered what one of the effects of drinking beer could be, click here.
  155. Beautiful Blonde Pole Dancer - Hope you don't mind a bit of risqui, which I rarely put up on my site.
  156. Sen. Kennedy Offers Help in New Orleans - Senator Kennedy, who is quite aquainted with aquatic disasters, offers to plug one of the holes in the Lake Pontchartrain levee.
  157. Mad Cow Disease - New York has reported its first case of Mad Cow disease. Click here to see!
  158. When Holloween Costumes Go Bad - This says it all!!
  159. The Ultimate in Women's Body Piercing - Men all over the world are urging their wives and sweethearts to get this 'chic' procedure.
  160. From a Man's Perspective - Two funny photos depicting relationships between men and women from a man's perspective.
  161. Bird Flu is Found in Paris - Here is real evidence of bird flu found in Paris.
  162. Redneck Dogs - Here is a picture of some real good Southern hunting dogs.
  163. Florida Squirrel - Click here to see what a squirrel living in Florida looks like.
  164. Invitation - An amusing picture of Vice President Chenney asking President Clinton if he would like to join him in on an outing.
  165. Restroom Signs - A number of funny signs found in restrooms around the U.S.
  166. New State Quarters - A funny take on the new state quarters.
  167. Why Most Men Are Republicans - This is pretty self-explanatory.
  168. Got Your FEMA Ticket Yet? - A funny take on the whole New Orleans FEMA thing.
  169. Photo on Hill Overlooking Los Angeles - Humorous similarities to Iwo Jima.
  170. Too Fast - Click here to see how to tell if you took off from that red light too fast.
  171. The Saddest Picture Ever! - Click here to see what may be the saddest, but funny, picture you ever saw.
  172. U.S. Senator Unhurt in Aircraft Crash - Click here to see the damaged aircraft that Senator Hillary Clinton was piloting when it was forced to land due to bad weather.
  173. New Medal - Click here to see the newest medal. I bet you know more than one person deserving this honor!
  174. Budweiser Lawsuit - A funny story about a man who wants to sue budweiser and the picture tells you why.
  175. Dolly - A humorous photo about a woman and her dog.
  176. Iraq on Kerry - A funny photo depicting the troops in Iraq's response to John Kerry's latest comments about the military.
  177. FMEA Checks Are In - A comical photo about how one displaced Katrina victim is living on their FMEA check.
  178. Why is Honey Gold in Color? - An amusing photo about how honey got its golden color.
  179. Harmonic Movement As Seen by Engineers and Non-Engineers - An amusing photo comparison between how Engineers view harmonic movement and non-engineers view harmonic movement.
  180. Dog Pack Kills Alligator in Florida - At times nature can be cruel, but there is also a raw beauty, and even a certain justice and humor manifested within that cruelty. Click here to see that humor.
  181. Fossil Remains of the First Politician Found - An archeological team, digging in Washington DC, has uncovered 10,000 year old bones and fossil remains of what is believed to be the first Politician.
  182. Reagan's Last Words - A funny photo of both Clinton's sleeping during President Reagan's memorial service and what President Reagan would have said about it.
  183. KFC Advertisement - An amusing photo of a KFC in New York advertising a Hillary Spectial.

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