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On many occasions, letters and memorandums have filtered their way down from upper management only to find their way into the circular file, namely the trash can. However, there are a few that end up on my desk that do warrant better considerations.

We currently have 21 of these funny company memos displayed on our site. A description of each is provided after the link.

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  1. Restroom Use Policy - Companies have instituted restroom policies become some employees just spend too much time in the bathroom. Here is a humorous take on such a policy.
  2. Instructions On Death Of Employees - A funny spoof on a company's policy on death of their employees.
  3. Retirement Of Aged People Early - Companies are always trying to retire their older employees to make room for younger blood. Although this practice is totally illegal, the manner in which this policy is written is quite humorous.
  4. Rules On Work Breaks - Some people at work just take too many breaks. In an attempt to get employees to work, some rules have to be established. This is a funny outtake on those rules.
  5. Excessive Absences - A funny look on a company's policy on sickness, death, and other absences.
  6. Decorations For Christmas - A humorous take on a company rewriting their policy on Christmas because of potential Civil Rights violations.
  7. Company's Position On "Streaking" - Can't really imagine that a company would ever allow streaking at work. But if they did I could see this policy being implemented!
  8. Customer Satisfaction - Customer satisfaction is usually the number 1 priority in business. This letter, written to a customer, amusingly takes satisfaction one step backwards!
  9. Boss's Rules - A different but funny look at the many unwritten rules that boss's lay on their workers.
  10. Prospective Employee Assessment - Companies have policies and guidelines that drive how new employees should be hired. This one is the humorous side of those hiring practices.
  11. Restroom Allocation - Here is another funny take on a company's restroom policy.
  12. Request For A Raise - A humorous story about the penis requesting a raise and the response he got.
  13. Rules For Work - A sarcastic, but funny, set of rules that employees work to.
  14. Management Secrets - Read about management's secrets to success.
  15. Early Retirement - Read how companys get rid of their older employees.
  16. Company Policy - Read some humorous company rules on absences.
  17. Management Parables - Four funny parables having management lessons.
  18. Your Company's Early Retirement Program - A funny memo put out by your company on early retirement, as leaked out by the human resources department.
  19. Mouse Balls - A real, but funny, memo sent out by a   computer company to its employees about a computer peripheral problem.
  20. Memo to a Cat or Dog - A funny memo written to a cat or dog by her pet owner.
  21. Store Memo On Banning Family - A humorous story about a store who plans on banning a family from shopping there because of antics of the husband.

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