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Urban Legends

So often you hear a story that you think is true, only to find out that it is just an Urban Legend.

We currently have 14 such urban legends. A description of each is provided after the link.

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  1. Good Luck Mr. Gorsky - When Apollo Mission Astronaut Neil Armstrong first walked on the moon did you ever wonder what he meant when he said "Good luck Mr. Gorsky"? Well, wonder no more!
  2. The Hit and Run Drunk - The legend of the drunk who left the scene of an accident buy stealing a police car.
  3. The Obnoxious Airline Passenger - Read how one airline ticket agent took care of an obnoxious passenger.
  4. The Femine Deodorant Substitute - Did a women actually mistaken something else for a can of feminine hygiene spray? I'll let you decide.
  5. Biscuit Brains - Fact or fiction? Did a women who was supposedly shot in the head actually hold her brains in?
  6. The Blind Man - Was the blind man really blind? Click here and read all about it!
  7. Cockit Windshield Tester - Does the military really use dead chickens to test out its aircraft cockpit windshields?
  8. The Irate Motorist - A funny mail correspondence between an irate motorist and the police concerning a photographed traffic incident.
  9. Dead In Las Vegas - A story about a couple who went to Las Vegas only to find out that they were not alone in their hotel room.
  10. Love After Death - Can a mother really come back from the dead to save her child? Click here and find out!
  11. Hidden Message - A secret message written into a letter from a captured soldier to his mother.
  12. Busted - A drunk who wakes up in his home to the knocking of a police officer after a night out in town.
  13. Safety Report - Read a safety report from the National Safety Board about a study they did on the last words that a drive speaks before a car crash. 
  14. Wrong Email Address - Read what happens when a husband sends his wife an email using the wrong email address and ends up being sent to a recently widowed woman.

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