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Jive Medical Dictionary

Barium - what you do when the patient dies

Bunion - Paul's surname

Cat Scan - when the Secret Service looks for Socks

Cauterize - made eye contact with her

Constipation - endangered feces

Coronary - domesticated yellow bird

D&C - where Washington is

Dilate - to live a long time

Enema - opposite of a friend

Fibrillate - to tell a small lie

Genital - non-Jew

Hernia - pertaining to a female's knee

Humerus - to tell us what we want to hear

Intestine - currently taking an exam

Node - was aware of

Outpatient - a person who has fainted

Ova - finished; done with

Pap smear - to slander your father

Pelvis - the evil twin of Elvis

Paradox - two doctors

Penis - someone who plays the piano

Rectum - dang near killed him

Sacrum - holy

Seizure - Roman Emperor

Sperm - to reject, look away from

Urine - the opposite of "you're out!"

White Count - the number of Caucasians

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