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Types of Male Employees at the Urinal

Excitable Male Employee - Shorts have twisted around. Cannot find hole. Rips pants in rage.

Sociable Male Employee - Joins friends in a leak rather than say he does not have to go, figures it does not cost anything.

Crosseyed Male Employee - Looks into the urinal at right; pisses in one at center and flushes one at left.

Timid Male Employee - Cannot urinate if anyone is looking. Flushes urinal pretending he has leaked. Sneaks back later.

Nosey Male Employee - Attempts to see in other urinal to see how other is fixed.

Indifferent Male Employee - All urinals are occupied, he leaks in sink.

Clever Male Employee - No hands. Shows off by adjusting necktie.

Worried Male Employee - Isn't sure what he has been into lately. Makes frenzied inspection.

Frivolous Male Employee - Plays stream up and down and across urinal. Attempts to hit flies. This type never grows up.

Absent-Minded Male Employee - Opens vest, takes out tie, pisses in his pants.

Disgruntle Male Employee - Stands for awhile and gives up; walks out of room grumbling to himself.

Sneaky Male Employee - Farts silently while leaking. Has pronounced control over farts. Has his fellow employees in stitches.

Sloppy Male Employee - Telltale wet drops below fly. Never misses shoes. Usually walks out with fly open. Adjusts balls later.

Childish Male Employee - Leaks directly into pool at bottom of urinal. Likes to hear the gurgling sound it makes.

Patient Male Employee - Stands for an incredible length of time waiting. Some times reads paper with free hand.

Efficient Male Employee - Waits until he has to shit. Does both at same time.

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