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Signs Found Round The World

Cocktail Lounge, Norway:
Ladies Are Requested Not To Have Children In The Bar.

At A Budapest Zoo:
Please Do Not Feed The Animals. If You Have Any Suitable Food, Give It To The Guard On Duty.

Doctors Office, Rome:
Specialist In Women And Other Diseases.

Hotel, Acapulco:
The Manager Has Personally Passed All The Water Served Here.

Information Booklet About Using A Hotel Air Conditioner, Japan:
Cooles And Heates: If You Want Just Condition Of Warm Air In Your Room, Please Control Yourself.

Car Rental Brochure, Tokyo:
When Passenger Of Foot Heave In Sight, Tootle The Horn. Trumpet Him Melodiously At First, But If He Still Obstacles Your Passage Then Tootle Him With Vigor.

Dry Cleaner's, Bangkok:
Drop Your Trousers Here For The Best Results.

Sign In Men's Rest Room In Japan:
To Stop Leak Turn Cock To The Right.

In A Nairobi Restaurant:
Customers Who Find Our Waitresses Rude Ought To See The Manager.

On The Grounds Of A Private School:
No Trespassing Without Permission.

On An Athi River Highway:
Take Notice: When This Sign Is Under Water, This Road Is Impassable.

On A Poster At Kencom:
Are You An Adult That Cannot Read? If So, We Can Help.

In A City Restaurant:
Open Seven Days A Week And Weekends.

One Of The Mathare Buildings:
Mental Health Prevention Centre.

A Sign Seen On An Automatic Restroom Hand Dryer:
Do Not Activate With Wet Hands.

In A Pumwani Maternity Ward:
No Children Allowed.

In A Cemetery:
Persons Are Prohibited From Picking Flowers From Any But Their Own Graves.

Sign In Japanese Public Bath:
Foreign Guests Are Requested Not To Pull Cock In Tub.

Tokyo Hotel's Rules And Regulations:
Guests Are Requested Not To Smoke Or Do Other Disgusting Behaviours In Bed.

On The Menu Of A Swiss Restaurant:
Our Wines Leave You Nothing To Hope For.

In A Tokyo Bar:
Special Cocktails For The Ladies With Nuts.

In A Bangkok Temple:
It Is Forbidden To Enter A Woman Even A Foreigner If Dressed As A Man.

Hotel Room Notice, Chiang-Mai, Thailand:
Please Do Not Bring Solicitors Into Your Room

Hotel Brochure, Italy:
This Hotel Is Renowned For Its Peace And Solitude. In Fact, Crowds From Allover The World Flock Here To Enjoy Its Solitude.

Hotel Lobby, Bucharest:
The Lift Is Being Fixed For The Next Day. During That Time We Regret That You Will Be Unbearable.

Hotel Elevator, Paris:
Please Leave Your Values At The Front Desk.

Hotel, Yugoslavia:
The Flattening Of Underwear With Pleasure Is The Job Of The Chambermaid

Hotel, Japan:
You Are Invited To Take Advantage Of The Chambermaid.

Hotel Catering To Skiers, Austria:
Not To Perambulate The Corridors In The Hours Of Repose In The Boots Of Ascension.

Supermarket, Hong Kong:
For Your Convenience, We Recommend Courteous, Efficient Self-Service.

From The & Quot; Soviet Weekly & Quot:
There Will Be A Moscow Exhibition Of Arts By 15,000 Soviet Republic Painters And Sculptors. These Were Executed Over The Past Two Years.

In An East African Newspaper:
A New Swimming Pool Is Rapidly Taking Shape Since The Contractors Have Thrown In The Bulk Of Their Workers.

Hotel, Vienna:
In Case Of Fire, Do Your Utmost To Alarm The Hotel Porter.

An Advertisement By A Hong Kong Dentist:
Teeth Extracted By The Latest Methodists.

Tourist Agency, Czechoslovakia:
Take One Of Our Horse-Driven City Tours. We Guarantee No Miscarriages.

Advertisement For Donkey Rides, Thailand:
Would You Like To Ride On Your Own Ass?

In The Window On A Swedish Furrier:
Fur Coats Made For Ladies From Their Own Skin.

The Box Of A Clockwork Toy Made In Hong Kong:
Guaranteed To Work Throughout Its Useful Life.

In A Swiss Mountain Inn:
Special Today - No Ice-Cream.

Airline Ticket Office, Copenhagen:
We Take Your Bags And Send Them In All Directions.

A Laundry In Rome:
Ladies, Leave Your Clothes Here And Spend The Afternoon Having A Good Time.

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