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Bonehead Awards

Good thing nobody ever slammed the door!

A couple in the UK unwittingly used a live bomb as a doorstop for 23 years. Until, that is, a local policeman recognized it as a World War II "ack-ack" shell and contacted the bomb squad.

The former owner said, "Children and grand-children have played with it. We're lucky it didn't go off."  Uh huh.


The first bonehead award goes to the skipper of an ocean freighter "the length of two football fields."

Because of him, the shipping company that owns the vessel has agreed to pay the natives of an isolated Pacific island (Satawal) about $2 million because of damage he caused to valuable coral reef life.

It seems that he tried maneuvering the massive vessel through an island channel so he could get a better look at the island's topless women.


And then we have a bonehead award for another robber in Amstel, MA who tried to carry away the cash register (this always leads to a bonehead award).

Now he's suing the store because he hurt his back trying to haul away the heavy machine. He says they should have had a sign warning people that the cash registers are very heavy.

Will wonders (and human stupidity) never cease...  

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