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After Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is over,
All the eating is done.
Will anyone eat more?
At the point of a gun!

The turkey's gone cold,
The gravy is sludge.
And we're all too tired,
From our asses to budge.

But, Ho, what is this?
Something special's in store.
For the malls open early,
Three hours, or more!

In all our excitement,
We passed o're one thing.
All the stores out there waiting,
For their registers to ring.

So, it's off to the mall,
At some ridiculous jour.
Faster yout seatbelts,
And turn on the power.

To Macy's, to Penney's, to Sears,
We will run.
To pick up their specials.
This is supposed to be fun?

And when the day's over,
And our money's been spent.
We won't have a spare nickel,
Till sometime in Lent.

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