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You Might Be in the Aerospace Industry if.....

1. You sat at the same desk for four years & worked for eight different Managers.

2. Your resume is on a jump drive, in your pocket.

3. When someone asks what you do for a living, you lie.

4. You get really excited about a 3% pay increase!

5. Your biggest loss from a hard drive crash is that you lose your best jokes & Internet sites.

6. You sit in a cubicle smaller than your bedroom closet.

7. It's dark on your drive to & from work.

8. Fun is when "projects" are assigned to someone else.

9. Communication is something your Group is having problems with.

10. You see a good-looking person & know immediately they are only a visitor.

11. Free food left over from meetings is your main staple.

12. All art involves a white board.

13. All real work is done prior to 9:00 AM or after 5:00 PM.

14. You're already late on the assignment you just received.

15. Dilbert is your favorite cartoon.

16. Your boss's favorite lines are;
         "When you get a few minutes",
         "In your spare time", or,
         "I have an opportunity for you".

17. 90% of the people in your Company do not know what you do.

18. 90% of the people in your Company do not care what you do.

19. Vacation is something you rollover to next year or a check you get every January.

20. Change is the norm.

21. Nepotism is encouraged.

22. You read this entire list & understood all of it.

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