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A Letter To A Friend In Korea

Dear Buddy,

Nothing much doing back here. I sure envy you out there in Korea, right in the thick of things. Bet you never have a dull moment.

I was over to see your wife last night and read all of your letters. They were a bit mushy but I don't blame you. Frances is a swell girl. Wonderful figure, good looks and personality. The guys still whistle at her when she walks down the street.

Your brother-in-1aw Smedley dropped by. He was wearing the brown suit you bought just before you left. Fran gave it to him as she thought it would be out of style when you got back. Several other couples came in and we killed two cases of beer. We wanted to chip in for it but Fran wouldn't let us. She said you sent her $10.00 extra for her to spend as she wishes. One of the guys is buying your golf clubs too. He paid $25.00 for them and will pick them up tomorrow. That is more than she got for your movie camera and projector.

Frances was the life of the party. I thought she would be a little shaken up after the accident last week with your Chevy, but you'd never knew she had been in a head collision and smashed your car to bits. The other driver is still in the hospital and threatens to sue. Too bad Fran forgot to pay the insurance, but the funny thing is she isn't a bit worried. We all admire her courage, and nonchalance and especially her willingness to mortgage the house to pay the bill. It’s a good thing you gave her power of attorney before you left.

Well, to get back to the party, you should have seen Fran do the imitation of Gypsy Rose Lee. She was still going strong when we said good night to her and Claude. Guess you know Claude is rooming at the house, it is close to his work and he saves on gas and lunch.

Nothing much new with me except my wife got another raise -- $110.00 a week now, we do O.K. with the $95.00 I get at the office.

It is getting late, so I will stop. I can see through my window across the street to your front porch, Frances and Claude are having a night cap. He is wearing your smoking jacket that you wore so often.

Well, Buddy, I sure wish I could be over there with you. Lucky guy give those Koreans Hell!

Your Pal,


P.S. Pay no attention to the rumor that Frances is pregnant.

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