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Blue Cross Vs. an HMO

Two guys both have 9:00 a.m. appointments at a vasectomy clinic. So, a nurse greets them and tells them she has to prep them for surgery and takes them to a private room. She tells the first guy to take off his clothes and sit on the exam table, which he does.

She then takes his manhood in one hand, and begins to masturbate him.

He says, "Whoa! What's going on?"

She replies that it is all standard procedure and that she has to ensure that he has no blockages.

The guy thinks, "How bad can it be? So he agrees and allows the nurse to complete her task.

Once done, the nurse tells him to go sit down, and repeats the instructions to the second guy. When he is up on the exam table, the nurse gets a big smile on her face, licks her lips, and begins to perform fallatio on him.

The first guy says "Hey, what's this? I get a hand job and he gets it orally. That's not fair."

The nurse looks up at the first guy and says, "Sorry buddy, but that's the difference between Blue Cross and HMO!"

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