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Suppositories, What Good Are They?

A man walks into the doctor’s office and complains that he just can’t seem to find a comfortable position to sit. The doctor examines him and tells him "I’m not surprised that you’re having trouble sitting, you have a good case of hemorrhoids"

He then gives the man a supply of suppositories, and tells him "Go home now, and use one of these each morning and one at night until they’re gone. Then come back and we’ll see how you are."

The man goes home, and in a couple of weeks, he shows up at the doctor’s office again.

"Well", says the doctor, "Did you use all of the suppositories?"

"Yes, I did." says the man "I took one every morning and every night as you instructed, even though they were pretty hard to swallow. For all the good they did me, I might just as well have shoved them up my ass!"

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