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Scarlet Letter

One day, this lady goes to the gynecologist for a routine examination. She proceeds to take off her shirt for the exam, only to reveal this big letter 'O' branded into her skin on her chest. The doctor stares in disbelief and asks... "Pardon me Madame, but where in the world did you get that 'O' on your chest?"

The lady replies... "Oh that...well my boyfriend has this nasty old Ohio State sweatshirt that he likes to wear, everytime we make love. The other day we were fooling around and the sex was so hot, the 'O' just melted off and branded my chest." The doctor shook his head in awe and continued the examination.

A week later, another patient of his showed up for her annual examination. When she took off her shirt, the doctor sees this big letter 'K' branded into her skin. Again, the doctor was amazed and asked, "My goodness, where did you get that 'K'?"

The lady responded, "Well you see doctor, my husband is a big Kentucky basketball fan who insists on wearing his favorite 'good luck' UK T-shirt when we have sex. Last night we were making love and boy...did we get into it. It was incredibly hot and the 'K' just melted right off his shirt and branded my skin." The doctor was thoroughly amazed and continued to examine her.

Another week went by and a new patient shows up for her examination. She takes off her shirt and to the doctor's surprise, he sees this huge letter 'M' branded on her chest. Well, the doctor, remembering the last two patients exhibiting similar conditions, asks this patient: "Let me take a guess. Your fiancee went to Michigan State and he wore a Michigan State shirt the last time you two had sex and it was so HOT, the 'M' just burned right off and branded your chest."

The woman gave the doctor a puzzled look and said: "Why NO doctor...but my girlfriend went to the University of Wisconsin."

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