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Decorations For Christmas

Inter-Office Memorandum
Date: 25 November 1968
To: All Managers
Subject: Decorations for Christmas

We have been informed by the Office of Health, Education and Welfare, Washington, D. C. that a White Christmas would be in violation of Title II of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

Therefore, the following steps are to be taken to insure that we comply with the Act during the Christmas season in the plant.

1. All Christmas trees must have at least 26.4% colored bulbs and they must be placed throughout the tree and not segregated in the back of the tree.

2. Christmas presents must not be wrapped in white paper. However, approval can be given if colored ribbon is used to tie them.

3. If a manger scene is used, 20% of the angels and one of the Three Kings must be of the minority race.

4. If Christmas music is played, "We Shall Overcome" must be given equal time. Under no circumstances will "I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas" be played.

5. Care should be taken in party planning. For example:
A. Use pink champagne instead of white.
B. Turkey may be served, but only if the white meat and dark meat are on the same platter. There will be no separate but equal platters permitted.
C. Use chocolate ripple ice cream instead of vanilla.
D. Both chocolate and white milk must be served. There will be no freedom of choice plan.
E. Milk is to be served without regard to color.

A team from Health, Education and Welfare will visit us on December 25th to determine our compliance with the ACT. If it snows on Christmas, we are all in trouble.

The Management

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