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Rules On Work Breaks

To All Employees:

Due to increased competition and a keen desire to remain in business, we find it necessary to institute a new policy.

Effective immediately, we find we must ask that somewhere between starting time and quitting time and without infringing too much on the time usually devoted to lunch period, coffee breaks, rest period, story telling, ticket selling, golfing, auto racing, sporting events, vacation and the re-hashing of yesterday's T.V. programs, that each employee endeavor to find some time that can be set aside and known as a WORK BREAK.

To some this may seem a radical innovation, but we honestly believe the idea has great possibilities. It can be an aid to steady employment and it might also be a means of assuring regular paychecks.

While the WORK BREAK adoption plan is not compulsory, it is hoped that each employee will find enough time to give the plan a fair trial. It is also hoped that those employees not in favor of adopting the WORK BREAK idea will have fully completed their vacation plans.

The Management

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