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The Femine Deodorant Substitute

This woman left work early to have her yearly OB-GYN appointment. She went home to shower and shave. After her shower she thought some feminine deodorant spray might be nice, but she didn't have any. So she went into her teenage daughter's bathroom, looked in the cabinet, found the can and "freshened up."

She went into the doctor's office and put her legs in the stirrups with the sheet over her. The doctor comes in and peeks under the sheet and says, "Hmm -- Fancy." She thought the comment was odd, but didn't think much of it.

That night she said to her daughter, "I hope you don't mind, but I used some of your feminine spray today." Her daughter looked at her and replied, "Mom, I don't have any feminine spray." "Yes, you do. It's in the cabinet," the mother said. "Okay, Mom, come show me." So the two went into the daughter's bathroom. The mother grabbed a can and said, "Here it is." The daughter said, "Mom, that's spray glitter."

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